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File notes demonstrating incidences alone have no meaning but seen holistically a true picture is revealed.

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Here is a sample of notes written after the child was returned and we were trying to get her a paediatrician; it demonstrates some of the ways systematically a whole system works together to pervert the course of justice, from schools, paediatric examinations, housing benefits, to manifestations of illnesses caused by a number of means; which I give insight into the numerous ways they were tackled.
Often when targeted individuals try to express this happening in their lives it is shrugged off as just things that happen in the system, but when it is seen as a whole, it becomes clearer that these incidences are occurring in a structured way, demonstrating their occurrence is more than chance.

Notes from my files
2 June 2003 Monday
I phoned ******** school, they said they were full up, 3 on waiting list. I put ******* on the waiting list.
I phoned ******* school (another school), they had spaces, but said to come in afternoon with ****** (daughter) to show around. ******** (Mother) can’t walk well at the moment, so I said I would need to arrange that.
Received bill for water but they have written Mr ***** (Mothers whole name) on it. So I phoned and asked they change it to ms *********. Plus send a payment card. They said they would change it and the correct spelling /name would come on the payment statement.

3 June 2003 Tuesday
Went to physiotherapy, went to our patients to change my address in computer for my appointment for consultant. (I have spinal problems).
Also did the same for ****** (daughters) paediatric appointment.
Plus in her appointment (sent upside down) it stated ‘please fill in pre-registration form enclosed’, but it hadn’t been enclosed, so I asked for one.

4, June 2003 Wednesday
I still hadn’t received my benefit book/letter to go out and collect. I called to see what was happening. Told them you sent me a letter last week asking where I wanted it paid.  The worker for Clarke said they sent the book but it was returned for no reason, so they wrote to see where I wanted them to pay. He said she would send a giro that I would get the next day, and the new book was coming.

5 June 2003 Thursday
No cheque came nor has ******* (mother) had a response to her letter she sent last week.
The gas man who is suppose to come to fix the boiler arranged 2 weeks ago ;boiler hasn’t worked since we moved in. Didn’t come.
Received letter from ******** (first called full) school. Offering a place at school.
Saying meeting with other children on 3rd July 1.15pm, please confirm you want space.

6 June 2003 Friday
No benefit came.
Card came from water, but had ******** (mothers first name and half of last name) on it this time.

16 June 2003
Went to housing benefit to bring other id requested, received receipt to say they had received it. Everything in order now.

18 June 2003
Received letter requesting id that I had already brought in on 16 June 2003, the letter was dated the 17june 2003. It gave one month to bring. So will do later.
*******(Mother) phoned benifits regarding the payment owed for the week beginning 26 may 2003 she was told’ she had received it, they had phoned ‘, but we have no phone!!!!! It was not payment from her book, giro, got her signature haven’t had it.
Received letter from housing benefit for ****** (Mother) and council tax bill reduced to half. Stated only giving £60 something...due to go paediatric appointment next week , decided to leave housing benefit until after ;the amount calculated is wrong and needs to be addressed.

21 June 2003
****** (Mother) received another letter from housing, decided not to open it until after appointment for ***** (daughter) next week with paediatrician –says received ID and paying £78 now which is half. So wrong still.

22 June 2003
Landlord came saying he received letter saying they only paying £50 a week for ****** (Mother). I said we will sort it out. They will pay it all.
Received letter saying would I confirm I was attending hospital appointment.

24 June 2003
Went to paediatrician appointment 3.45pm, seen about 4.45 pm.
Dr grinned all the way through, when **** (Mother) showed stress from it all, he asked why she had an attitude, still grinning.
Asked to check ******* (Daughters) heart (had no stethoscope) put his hand up her t shirt, asked her if she ticklish, then proceeded to tickle around her stomach, then felt around her chest, saying ‘tickly, tickly tickly’. ****** (daughter) was uncomfortable. ****** (Mother) put a stop to it. And asked could do it on the couch, it would be more appropriate.
 He seemed not to answer her questions, but responded with questions around the abuse, wasn’t really showing he saw it as serious, due to his grinning, but at end said very serious allegations, would refer her to a paediatrician who specialises in sexual abuse. Asking why we came to him in first place, said Dr referred to him. He decided what to do. Said hypo-pigmentation, could be caused by many things.
****** (Mothers) eyes swell up, that night and stayed large for at least 24 hours.

29 June 2003
Landlord came with wrong window key, said got ms (Mothers) money ,but not mine as they are waiting on my ID(which I took).
He said he is ok with it cos hers is sorted, as it is only half, and she uses more than half the house I would sort it.
He said he would bring the window key next week.
Asked were we getting BT line, I said no we can’t afford it. He took my mobile number.

1 July 2003
Gas man came to check boiler, said he had just spoken to Mr. ****** (Landlord) who told him someone would be in. Never informed us Sunday that this was happening.

3 July 2003
Received letter from housing stating they will pay half the rent to me, will be paid to landlord by cheque, sent on 7 July, letter was dated 26 June 2003.
Need to go there sort out house isn’t half mine, therefore amount for me and **** (Mother) should be different.
Went to school for ***** (daughter) to see was suppose to stay, but first **** (Mothers) legs and hips were bad, she took pain killers, didn’t work took some more. then about an hour before due to go her eye became pussie and so we got a cab, *****(Mother)took *******(daughter) in the school to show her , collected paper work for school , then left as had to keep cab waiting to go to chemist to get something for her eye.
The receptionist took *****(daughter) by her hand to class , said come on *******(saying her name but pronouncing wrongly, and in a way that social services insist on pronouncing it even though the mother continues to correct them each time) , ****(mother) informed her, her name is ***** , not ******* , . the head teacher went and got folder gave ****(Mother) , *****(Mother)  went to get ******(Daughter) , (the receptionist heard at entrance ******(daughter) not staying, yet told *****(Daughter)to take her coat off). When ***** (Mother) went to get her teacher told, ***** (Daughter) to sit down. ***** (Mother) said no put your coat on. The support teacher looked at the receptionist for support. ***** (Mother) left with ***** (Daughter).
The two workers gave cut eye looks when she arrived, they said ‘is it ****** (Daughters name, pronounced correctly), we thought it was you’.
(Looked like similar behaviour to nursery) someone talking about child before she arrived.

Warning may be triggering
Note. Following the Childs return the Mother suffered extreme pain in her legs; the tendons became very tight and it was very painful for her to walk, so she consequently stayed indoors, which is not her nature, for she is very active. She previously saw a physiotherapist but it was not productive. She had leg supports but they only eased it sometimes and it became worse causing her hips to ache too.  At this time it didn’t make much sense but later we discovered she had lived a life as a Mind control slave and once she learnt how to deprogram she recalled severe torture done to her in an old hospital building,

where her legs were tied with wires in an uncomfortable position and repeatedly hit on joints, followed by father horrific trauma along with being forced to drink alcohol. This was continued until she disassociated and her mind shattered. Aged around 14 years. Once this was recalled in more recent times the pain stopped.
These notes are part of yet an even greater whole which can be viewed at my website